Our online resource portal is specifically designed to support academics, policymakers, military and law enforcement practitioners as well as anyone interested in understanding the unique challenges of terrorism and counter-terrorism. The portal provides links to a variety of freely accessible online sources, including data sets, articles and reports. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to include, please let us know.
10 Million International Dyadic Events

Machine-coded set of 10 million dyadic events between 1990-2004

American Terrorism Study, 1980-2002

Data collection on acts of American terrorism

Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project

Collection of political violence and protest data for developing states

Bin Laden’s Bookshelf

Documents recovered from the compound used to hide Osama bin Laden

Canadian Global Security

Resource database on jihadist groups

CTC Harmony Program

Collection of documents captured from al-Qaeda and associated groups

Empirical Studies of Conflict

Micro-level conflict data and information on political violence

Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone

Data on global events and actors compiled from news sources in over 100 languages from 1979 until today

Global Terrorism Database

Database on terrorist events around the world from 1970 through 2015 (with annual updates planned for the future)

High Casualty Terrorist Bombings

Bomb attacks on non-combatant (civilian and political) targets by non-state actors resulting in 15 or more deaths between 1989-2014

Minorities at Risk Database

Dataset that tracks 284 politically active ethnic groups on political, economic, and cultural dimensions

Political Events Project

Data on 6,754 political instability events in 84 selected nations between 1948-1965

The RAND Database on Worldwide Terrorism Incidents

Database on terrorism incidents from 1968 to 2009

UK Data Service

Various datasets

Uppsala Conflict Data Program

UCDP dataset and conflict encyclopedia

Suicide Attack Database

Database on suicide attacks from 1982 through December 2015

What makes a terrorist?

Dataset used for Alan Krueger’s book “What Makes a Terrorist?“

Afghan Analyst Network

Kabul, Afghanistan


Washington, DC, USA

The Clarion Project

Washington, DC, USA

Counter Extremism Project

New York, NY, USA


London, UK

The Heritage Foundation

Washington, DC, USA

The Long War Journal

Washington, DC, USA

International Crisis Group

Brussels, Belgium

Institute for Security Studies

Pretoria, South Africa

Institute for the Study of War

Washington, DC, USA

Jamestown Foundation

Washington, DC, USA

New America Foundation

Washington, DC, USA

Middle East Research Institute

Washington, DC, USA

RAND Corporation

Santa Monica, CA, USA

The Soufan Group

New York, NY, USA